Metro-North Nightmare: Train Crash Injures 72, Disrupts Service


Friday’s terrible train crash left scores injured and thousands scrambling for ways to commute to New York next week, including Staples seniors who finished school Friday and head to internships, many in Manhattan, Monday morning.

According to the Associated Press, 72 people were injured yesterday after two Metro-North trains collided just outside Bridgeport, Conn.

A Staples student’s dad who asked not to be identified described the scene as chaotic as passengers panicked and scrambled to exit the train. According to the father, who ultimately broke his elbow, after the doors of his train car were manually opened, he helped other passengers exit the train and then ran over to a group of people to pull a women out from under one of the trains.

“It looked like a scene out of a horror movie,” he said. The dad was on the New Haven train headed north, aiming to catch an Amtrak train to Boston, he said.

The accident also threw Staples seniors heading to New York for internships  on Monday into confusion. Conn. Governor Dan Malloy encouraged passengers to find an alternative way to travel on Monday as Metro-North train service between the New Haven and South Norwalk stops has been suspended indefinitely.

“It is most certainly [an inconvenience] for me and thousands of other people that rely on Metro-North everyday,” Amanda Wildstein ’13 said.

Wildstein, who is interning at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, planned on boarding her train in Westport but now plans on taking the train out of Greenwich, avoiding the South Norwalk and Stamford stations, believing “they will be crazy busy with all the extra commuters.”

Griffin Noyer ’13, who is also interning at the museum, hopes take the train despite Malloy’s recommendations and said he is not afraid of any kind of poor transportation service on the train.

“I’ve taken the train tons of times and never had any problems,” Noyer said. “I think this was a freak accident.”

Unlike Wildstein, who first thought about what impact the crash might have on her travel plans, upon hearing about the crash Noyer said he thought to himself, “Wow, that isn’t something you hear every day.”

“I didn’t consider the fact that maybe it would prevent me from commuting,” Noyer said. “I just hope this sort of thing can be prevented in the future.”

Additional reporting by Jamie Wheeler-Roberts