Five Movies That Would Be Better With Zombies

Bailey Ethier, News Editor

There’s no denying that zombies are in. What’s not to like about undead “people” who move extremely slow and have their arms constantly fall off? In honor of the increase in the popularity of zombies, here are five movies that would be better with them.

1.) Finding Nemo:

Let’s replace the fish with zombie fish, move the movie onto land, where zombie hunters, which are so much cooler than fishermen, will capture Nemo. “Zombies are friends, not food.”

2.) Jurassic Park:

Dinosaurs are cool. Dinosaurs and zombies – cooler. Haven’t you always wanted to see a dinosaur eat a zombie? Okay you probably haven’t, but it would be awesome in a gross way.

3.) Tarzan: 

Instead of seeing Tarzan’s parents die at the beginning of the movie, in the zombie edition Tarzan’s parents aren’t dead – they’re undead.

4.) Twilight: 

Because vampires are soooo last year.

5.) Marley And Me: 

Before you accuse me of being a horrible person, hear me out. If Marley was a zombie, she couldn’t really die and we would all be spared for the movie’s incredibly sad ending that I may or may not have cried at.