Haskell seeks intermission from Senate position to begin law school


Photo by Natalie Bandura '22

Haskell is the Senate Chairman of the joint Transportation Committee, Vice Chairman of the Government Administration & Elections Committee and serves on several other state committees.

Senator Will Haskell announced Jan. 3 that he will not be running for reelection and plans to take a break from public service to pursue law school.

“There are a lot of exciting things going on, but it feels like the right time in my life to take an intermission,” Haskell said in an interview with Westport News.

Teachers in the social studies Department shared that they felt Haskell has a bright future no matter what next step he takes in his career.

“He was always willing to come in and talk to the students and it was so interesting that we had a former student who was working in State Congress,” social studies teacher Jonathan Shepro said.

Social studies teacher Cathy Schager believes that there is more to come in terms of Haskell’s career.

“I feel kind of giddy-excited because I feel like there’s probably something incredible that he’s planning,” Schager said.

Social studies teacher Suzanne Kammerman similarly believes that the intermission is a positive choice.

“He’s making a choice that’s right for him,” Kammerman said. “Maybe he’s taking a break right now, but he’s got a bright future.