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Abdul Latif Nasir, a man never convicted of a crime, was released from Guantanamo Bay on July 19, 2021. Today, 35 detainees still remain at the prison.

Guantanamo Bay, other issues command youth advocacy

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor January 3, 2023

Guantanamo Bay.  U.S. military base.  Detention center.  Site of torture. While there has been more scrutiny in recent years, the conditions at Guantanamo Bay remain largely concealed by...

“Avatar: The Way of Water,” released Dec. 16, has grossed $134 million in box office profit. Its predecessor, “Avatar” has one of the highest box office evaluations of all time, amassing nearly $3 billion since 2009. Just like the first, the second Avatar is anticipated to have more long-term hype and continue to draw audiences for the next few years.

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ thrills audiences with a hefty toll

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor December 24, 2022

12 years later, the Avatar fandom rejoices with the next installment of a beloved series. “Avatar: The Way of Water” was released in theaters on Dec. 16, grossing $134 million nationwide. While the...

 Staples Vision has many volunteer opportunities every month, including an upcoming fundraiser on Thursday, Oct. 27 in partnership with the local non-profit Filling in the Blanks. They will help provide weekend meals to students on school lunch plans. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Asher Dahlke ’23 or Spencer Yim ’23.

Staples Vision encourages inclusive environment to connect with faith

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor October 9, 2022

If you happen to peer into room 3001 on any given Friday afternoon, you will see a group of teenagers poring over biblical text. Intellectual right? Intellectual indeed. Staples Vision is a religious...

In 2012, Northwestern University researchers Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky studied the psychological effects of clothing choices on mindset and performance. They coined the term ‘enclothed cognition’ to represent the relationship between the symbolic meaning of clothing and its wearer’s thoughts and performance.

Putting more effort into outfit amplifies productivity, boosts confidence

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor September 20, 2022

POV: it’s a Monday morning in April 2020 and your first period class is in 10 minutes. You pull on your sweatshirt and log onto Zoom—all without leaving your bed. Sound familiar?  For the Class...

The summer of 2022 is the first since the onset of the pandemic that is free of COVID-19 travel restrictions, with over 50% of the U.S. population vaccinated.

Students express excitement towards varying summer plans

Mishael Gill ’23 and Margot Richlin '23, Paper Managing Editor and Audience Engagement Manager June 7, 2022

As the calendar flips to June, students sigh in impatience, shuffling their feet from class to class. There’s an air of anticipation in the air, as the focus on school shifts to discussions about beach...

Sophie Alcyone ’22 (left) and Sasha Maskoff ’22 (right) attended the CAS Awards ceremony on April 5 in Plantsville, Connecticut. The CAS awards their Outstanding Arts Award based on demonstrated scholarship and leadership across the realm of visual and performing arts. Two students from each member school are awarded annually, and students must be referred by teachers.

Seniors Maskoff, Alcyone, win 27th annual High School Arts Awards

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor May 6, 2022

The Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) recognized Sasha Maskoff ’22 and Sophie Alycone ’22 for their artistic excellence at the 27th Annual High School Arts Awards on April 5. The CAS awards...

In the 1990s, Oligarchs emerged as young entrepreneurs with formidable connections to Russias new government, led by President Boris Yeltsin. Their rapid financial growth allowed them to become mega-billionaires with considerable influence within the government.

The U.S. needs to sanction Russian oligarchs, not the Russian people

Mishael Gill ’23 , Paper Managing Editor March 30, 2022

“Now, I am almost 45 years old; today, my age stopped when the hearts of more than 100 children stopped beating. I see no sense in life if it cannot stop the deaths.” These were President Zelensky’s...

With a robust menu and ideal location, The Whale Tea’s Westport location is attracting many customers. The menu features numerous add-ons and customizations to cater to a wide variety of tastes.

The Whale Tea arrives in Westport, satisfies bubble tea cravings

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor February 16, 2022

The Whale Tea recently opened up doors at Compo Shopping Center, in the center of Westport. The nearest location used to be in Fairfield’s Heritage Square, a considerable trek away. Craving an evening...

Haskell is the Senate Chairman of the joint Transportation Committee, Vice Chairman of the Government Administration & Elections Committee and serves on several other state committees.

Haskell seeks intermission from Senate position to begin law school

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor January 6, 2022

Senator Will Haskell announced Jan. 3 that he will not be running for reelection and plans to take a break from public service to pursue law school. “There are a lot of exciting things going on, but...

Much of Alex Jones’ content has been taken down by big tech companies such as Youtube, Facebook and Apple, who all cited hate speech and glorification of violence as their primary motives for doing so. Jones has frequently used dehumanizing language when speaking about the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants and Muslims.

Political polarization is resulting in loss of empathy, humanity

Mishael Gill ’23, Paper Managing Editor November 24, 2021

Ask any decade-long Connecticut resident what comes to mind when they hear Dec. 14, 2012. Most will recall the tragic Sandy Hook Shooting that took the lives of 20 children and six adults. And yet,...

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