Students express excitement towards varying summer plans


Graphic by Mishael Gill ’23

The summer of 2022 is the first since the onset of the pandemic that is free of COVID-19 travel restrictions, with over 50% of the U.S. population vaccinated.

As the calendar flips to June, students sigh in impatience, shuffling their feet from class to class. There’s an air of anticipation in the air, as the focus on school shifts to discussions about beach trips and vacations abroad. 

With summer approaching, members of the Staples community are planning trips, internships and work duties alike to spend their time off. Some students are starting their first job while others are eager to attend camp, travel or visit family and friends.

Charlotte Gurley ’23 plans to help instruct the Summer Camp Program at One River, an art school in Westport. Beginning on June 20, there will be various classes offered, including drawing, animation and even 3D architecture. Gurley will also work as a teacher’s assistant. 

“I really like working with kids,” Gurley said. “But I like the level of responsibility and independence that [my role] has.”

Grace Fuori ’23 is also going to pursue a job she’s passionate about.

“This summer I’m going to continue working at the Saugatuck Rowing Club,” Fuori said. “I get a lot of good experience and I’m happy to be doing something productive with my time over the summer.”

The extra time could also be utilized to pad a resume. 

“This summer I am potentially interning for a graphics and marketing company,” Jamie Paul ’23 said. “I am taking this opportunity because I think it will be a great learning experience and beneficial for my future.”

I really like working with kids. But I like the level of responsibility and independence that [my role] has.

— Charlotte Gurley ’23

With fewer COVID-19 restrictions, it’s clear much of the Staples community is looking forward to this summer to traveling and spending time with family and friends. Math teacher Nicole Giuliani has a variety of things planned on her agenda. She will be teaching a geometry summer class with fellow math teacher Philip Abraham. In addition to that, traveling is also important to her this season.  

“I’m planning to go [to] upstate New York, to Cape May in New Jersey, probably going to the city a bunch, Boston,” Giuliani said.

Annika Reddy ’24 plans to travel to Mexico with her family friends, where she is excited to indulge in authentic cuisine.

“I think we’re just going to go around to different areas, eat lots of food,” Reddy said. “I went when I was really young, [but] now I’m going with different people.”

Some people are going even farther in their adventures.

“I am going to Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Scotland and Greece. I am so excited to be getting to travel all summer and learn about new cultures all across the globe,” Dottori ’23 said. “I am going to also be touring colleges while I am away, which is the main reason for some of my travels.” 

Others turn to sport for engagement. Sophia Novello ’25, a member of the Staples girls’ field hockey team, plans to continue playing at a UCONN camp, in addition to being a counselor for a kids’ sports camp at Peak Performance.

“My brother did it, and he said it was fun,” Novello said. “[You have] a good time but you also get paid, so it’s a great place to work.”