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Students will begin in Rome and visit major cities like Venice until ending up in Paris, France to conclude their 11 day trip of museums and monuments.

Art department’s trip to Italy and France offers glance into European art, culture, history

Jack Robinson, Web Opinions Editor April 14, 2024

It seems obvious that any young artist would want to go to Italy and France: famous works like the “Mona Lisa,” or the “David” and countless other ornately painted frescoes decorate the walls of...

On Sunday, March 17, the 4 by 800m relay competed. From left to right, Sarah Bogdan 26, Leigh Foran 24, Emma Morris 24 and Avery Kalter 27 were on the relay. They finished with a time of 10:17. Though their season record was 10:06, they finished in the top eight overall.

Girls’ Track travels to Adidas Nationals

Audrey Curtis ’25, Web Photostory Editor April 8, 2024

If a person can just take the extra second to think about what they are saying and the tone of voice that they are using, it could make all the difference for the person that is receiving the message. People can read minds they can only go off based on what someone said and the tone that they said it in.

Keep your vacation bragging business to yourself

Catie Campagnino ’26, Staff Writer December 6, 2023

Have you ever been at lunch and your friend asked you “Where are you going for break?” You tell them that you are going to your grandparents house and you're going to see other family members along...

 The model space ship called the WhiteKnightTwo, designed by Virgin Galactic, will be able to take six passengers up to space.

From Staples to beyond, former Staples student helps bring more people to Space

Catie Campagnino ’26, Staff Writer November 11, 2023

Space tourism company Virgin Galactic has a different mission than other companies. They want to send tourists into space, and one of their test pilots is a former Staples student, Dan Alix. The company...

Post-Tour Student Survey conducted through EF Educational Tours, 2019, found the following statistics indicating the successes and importance in their mission and the trips they offer.

Japan STEM trip offers meaningful travel opportunity

Zoe Alpert ’25, Broadcast Director October 16, 2023

Students will attend a STEM trip hosted in Tokyo, Odaiba, Tsukaba and Yamanashi Japan in February 2024. Math teachers Maggie Gomez and Ann Didelot, as well as science teachers Maxim Kolb and Joanne Klouda,...

Dani Garcia ’23 plans to travel the world on her upcoming gap year. She will stay in seven countries across Europe and Asia, working in a variety of eclectic jobs in exchange for free food and housing.

From monasteries to cat sanctuaries: a high school senior’s unforgettable gap year

Maya Hruskar ’23, Creative Director May 11, 2023

When people think of travel, they typically think of visiting famous landmarks, snapping some pictures, eating some yummy food, relaxing and making their insta that much more international.  Meet Dani...

Summer plans excite Staples community

Students observed both historic and modern German culture during their April trip. Various street artwork is displayed on the Spandauer Vorstadt street in Berlin.

Germany trip sparks curiosity, gratitude in students

Caroline Zajac ’25, Assistant Business Manager April 30, 2023

Traveling across the world to visit cities filled with different cultures, food and history. This is exactly what some Staples students did over their April break.  World Language Department Chair...

Gabriel McCray ’23 stays with his family at home during April break. Instead of traveling, they will provide each other with company through family activities.

April offers restful break for community

Matthew Saw ’23, Staff Writer April 4, 2023

Everyone spends their days differently. Some work a job while others prefer to lay back and postpone their troubles. When April break comes to mind, everyone has different plans for how to spend their...

Staples students travel far and wide to sandy or snowy destinations for February Break. The break begins on Feb. 18 and ends Feb. 26.

Snowy, sandy destinations attract students for February break

Karlie Saed '23, Photostory Editor February 8, 2023

After endless days of freezing temperatures, Staples students are eager to hop on a plane and travel to their sandy beach or snowy mountain destinations. An escape from the piles of homework and sleepless...

This photo is taken from a ferry going along the Amalfi Coast; this stop is in Positano, Italy. From Easter to October, they have about 12,000 tourists. This seaside paradise has colorful, cliffside villas towering over their black sand beach.

Luxurious trips do not outshine budgeted trips

Caroline Zajac ’25, Staff Writer January 3, 2023

Excitement for a vacation is an exhilarating feeling. Right as you are packing, butterflies erupt and you get jittery feelings in your stomach. The trip you’ve been dreaming of for months has finally...

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