Haskell takes action in Hartford


Photo taken by Eliza Barr '21

Cory Booker announced his presidential campaign on Feb. 1. Haskell watches his announcement video to formulate an opinion on the new candidate.

State Senator Will Haskell has introduced three new bills focused on gun control into the State Senate since taking office on Jan. 14.

These gun control regulations would ban ghost guns (firearms without serial numbers), sanction police to request access to gun licenses and limit bulk purchases of guns.

Students seem to be optimistic about the upcoming legislation.  Ryan Fenstermacher ’21 views this legislation as a chance for Senator Haskell to prove himself to the area that he was elected to represent.“The legislation is not groundbreaking. I respect his drive and it’s a step in the right direction,” said Fenstermacher.

Increasing gun control has been a central part of Senator Haskell’s platform.

“From the moment I enter office as State Senator, my top priority will be reducing access to weapons and strengthening our state’s gun laws,” Haskell wrote on his website.

In two cases, Haskell is again proposing gun control measures that previously did not pass the Assembly.

House Bill 5540, which was presented in 2018 by Representative Brenda Kupchick of the 132nd district, is similar to Haskell’s ghost guns bill. However, the bill never passed the full General Assembly and did not become law, the Bulletin reported.

Another Haskell proposal—An Act Concerning the Presentation of a Carry Permit, LCO Number 1021—requires gun permits to be shown to law enforcement officers if requested. In 2017, The Judiciary Committee for Connecticut received a proposal like this one but did not vote on it.

Haskell’s third bill intends to regulate the number of guns one may purchase in a 30-day window. Lydia Donovan ’19 interned for Senator Haskell and believes that Haskell is different than other politicians as a result of his drive and love for his work.

“I think that these bills are proof that Senator Haskell plans to keep his promises from the campaign trail,” Donovan said. “Not many politicians keep all their promises, but I know that Senator Haskell is going to work his hardest to do what he said he would do.”