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Trump’s trial is unprecedented in American history and could have a sizable impact on the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Above The Law

Matthew Stashower ’25, Inklings Ambassador May 24, 2024

To say the least, former president Donald Trump is anything but unoccupied. While running in the 2024 race for the presidency, he is engaged in no less than four prosecutions in separate jurisdictions....

TikTok has become incredibly popular among American teenagers, yet many still view it as a threat to security, including the United States Senate.

BREAKING NEWS: TikTok ban bill is officially made law, will take effect next year

Jack Robinson, Editor April 25, 2024

The Senate passed the “21st Century Peace through Strength Act”--a bill that combines a $95 billion aid package to Ukraine and other nations as well as a ban on TikTok-- on April 24,  and it was signed...

Connecticut is widely considered a “blue” state, but has used its 7 electoral votes for a fair number of Republicans in the past century.

Presidential primaries provide first voting opportunity for some students

Alex Gaines '25, Creative Director March 18, 2024

The Presidential Primary in Connecticut will be held on April 2, allowing any Westport resident to vote for their preferred Democratic and Republican candidate for the presidential election this November. While...

Jill Dillon (D) was elected to the Board of Education via write-in ballots on Nov. 7.

Behind the scenes of local election winner Jill Dillon’s write-in election success

Alexis Jacobs '26, Staff Writer November 21, 2023

Write-in candidate Jill Dillon was elected to a position on the Board of Education in Westport’s 2023 election. The Board Of Education also voted in Lee Goldstein (D), Neil Phillips (D), Camilo Riano...

The Republicans in the House of Representatives have a narrow edge over the Democrats, only 9 seats, allowing them to elect Representative Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House.

Meet the new speaker of the house: a radical, extremist election denier

Jack Robinson ’26, Web Opinions Editor November 3, 2023

After roughly three weeks of chaos on the floor of the House of Representatives, House Republicans have finally settled on a new speaker, after tumultuous fighting over who to elect as a party.  Tragically,...

Students debate debt ceiling

Henry Watson ’25, Staff Writer June 12, 2023

In 2021, Tucker Carlsons $20 million per year contract was renewed, amplifying the idea that the long-time host’s history of controversies had not dissuaded Fox Corp. On April 24, Carlson found out he was being sacked only 10 minutes before his departure was publicly announced, and his attorneys are now negotiating a final exit package, including a payout of the remainder of his $20 million salary this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox will deepen America’s political divisions

Henry Watson ’25, Paper News Editor April 30, 2023

Nobody could have foreseen the dismissal of primetime host Tucker Carlson from Fox News. Carlson was unique in his ability to generate controversy after controversy whilst enjoying the support of his network,...

The AP African-American Studies course has sparked Republican criticism and served as a lightning rod in the debate over parents’ influence in education.

Gutting AP African-American studies sets dangerous precedent

Finnegan Courtney ’23, Executive TV Producer February 14, 2023

For over a decade, the College Board has put in time and tireless work to create an AP course that covers a subject seriously lacking in traditional high school history courses: Black and African-American...

The 2022 Midterms were one of the most consequential in history. Democrats did far better than expected, with the best results for an incumbent President’s party since 2002.

Midterms 2022: Republican ripple nationwide, Democratic sweep in CT

Henry Watson ’25, Paper News Editor November 16, 2022

The 2022 Midterm saw election denial, women’s reproductive rights and pro-Trump candidates specialize the election into one where the Democrats had a solid chance of holding off a Republican wave.  In...

The Women in Politics club aims to promote civic engagement, public speaking abilities and empowerment of women by educating about current events and debating topics while being respectful of all opinions.

Women in Politics club encourages female involvement in politics

Nina Jones, Web Opinions Editor October 21, 2022

Most women are familiar with the feeling of their opinions or emotions being ignored or diminished, and it's not a good one. You are discouraged to speak up, because when you do your voice is drowned out...

Each night, my family and I alternate which news platform we watch to gain insight into the world around us - through this practice, I have learned to be open minded and respectful of others’ political views as well as strengthening the basis of my own.

Politically diverse home fosters political empathy, perspective

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor March 15, 2022

Is it a CNN or Fox News night tonight? Once we finish battling over Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune over an amazing meal, and the dishes are all clean, my family normally retires to the family room to watch...

Gordon announced on Feb. 14 that he would be joining the race for Connecticut State Senator in District 26 after current State Senator Will Haskell publicized that he would not be running for a third term in 2022. Gordon has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a J.D./MBA from Columbia Law School and Columbia Business School. Gordon joins competitors Ceci Maher and Ken Bernhard.

Gordon begins campaign for Connecticut State Senator

Lilly Weisz, Assistant Creative Director March 4, 2022

Michael Gordon wears many hats in the Westport community: he’s a husband and a father to three children; he was four-time chair of the Board of Education (BOE) and board member on the Anti-Defamation...

As more celebrities attempt to get into politics, questions arise about whether this would be beneficial or harmful to American democracy.

Celebrities must stay out of politics; we must stop listening

Audrey Kercher ’23, Breaking News Manager March 1, 2022

Amidst rumors of who will be running for upcoming elections, there are curious whispers of names usually only seen on billboards or movie screens. As politics become a more defining part of every aspect...

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