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Jane Schutte
Now in her third year, Jane Schutte ’16 is one of the leaders of Inklings. She started Inklings her

Sophomore year as Instagram coordinator, then rose to a web features editor and is currently

the breaking news editor. Along with Inklings, Schutte’s other main activity is dance. She

dances at Westport Dance Academy, taking classes in jazz, ballet, modern and other dance

genres, but says her favorite is ballet.

Although Schutte is a veteran journalist and dancer, she is also a newbie to other activities at

Staples. After having taken 5 years of singing and acting lessons, and having been dancing

intensely since the age of 3, Shutte decided over the summer to join Staples Players. She

participated in the summer show Godspell, and is cast as the Grandmother in the upcoming

show Fiddler on The Roof. Schutte says she is, “excited to do something I’ve never done.”

Jane Schutte, Breaking News Managing Editor

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