Staples vogues its way into New York’s Fashion Week

“One word: deprivation. Deprivation of sleep, deprivation of food, deprivation of time,” Liv Kelly ’14 said.

The blinding headlights of the runway stage masquerades the backstage drama of designers scrambling to add a last minute bead, make-up designers testing the perfect combination of eye shadow and mascara, and models lining the the wings in 6 inch heels, with feet most likely covered in blisters. These workers have all been deprived, of whatever it may be.

But when they step on the stage, the audience is instead awed by the beauty that has taken thousands of people their entire lives to pull off this extravagant, one week event known as: New York Fashion Week.

Kelly, international model and former Staples student had the one in a million opportunity to not only go to fashion week for the first time but to also walk in it as a model for Chanel.

“Honestly what made it so spectacular, for me at least, was having the chance to work with so many established designers and take part in the whole experience,” Kelly said, “As self centered as this may sound, the best part of this experience was watching my career bloom and take off.”

As Kelly’s modeling career bloomed, so did the designs and clothes.

“This year there also seems to be a heavier influence from the East, specifically Bollywood and South Pacific inspired accents,” Kelly said. Her favorite collection so far has been from an up and coming Australian designer, Patricia Ayala, for whom she got to wear a skirt-suit inspired by vintage Chanel.

Leah Fuld ’16 had the opportunity to attend the show as a birthday gift and her favorite show was Libertine.

“It was so fun and colorful and the models looked like they were having a blast on the runway,” Fuld said.  “I wish I could’ve gone everyday, it’s such a breathtaking event.”

It is more than clear that this event, although may deprive participants of a hamburger, or a snooze alarm at 6:30a.m., it means a lot to everyone affiliated with it. To Fuld and many other aspiring fashion lovers, designers, models, or even future businessmen, lawyers, or teachers, Kelly would like to say just one more thing.

“Don’t be afraid to take a different path than the rest of your peers. I was originally terrified and felt left out by not going to college right away, but it was the best decision of my life. Please, chase your dreams while you’re young and can, because you never know where it can lead you.”