Cool trends that beat the summer heat


This summer is adventure. Some seniors are participating in internships abroad, sophomores and juniors get to put their new licenses to practice, and freshmen will relish in their first summer of high school.

“I’m really excited to hang out with friends and take a break from the busy school year,” said Samantha Sheppard ’16.

And Westport couldn’t be a better place to take a break from school and enjoy the long, long, long awaited hot weather. Java will be a great place to grab a seeded apple berry smoothie and a hickory ham sandwich before heading to new downtown stores like Sperry, Intermix, and of course South Moon Under. Sheppard foretells that “the biggest trend will be patterned shorts with pom-poms hanging off them.”

The shorts will be the perfect accent to your most fashionable summer movie outfits that you can wear to premiers like “22 Jump Street” and the “Fault in our Stars,” which will fill Crown Royale’s screen. But, the managers will be sad to hear they are losing business on snacks, as kids sneak in their stashed candy bags, filled with jaw-cracking candy rocks, Swedish fish, and the J. Gatsby ice cream from Saugatuck Sweets in the melted back pocket of their pom-pom shorts.

On the other side of town, the Polar Plunge will have melted away, and a free-for-all of high school students will be cooking up beach barbeques, lifeguarding around the cannons, and licking their fingers from the residual sodium of Joey’s by the Shore’s fries. Megan Nuzzo ’15 said, “It’s my first summer with my license, so it’ll be so nice to drive to the beach with my friends with the top off of my jeep!”

It goes without saying that, with all these new recreations the buzz for the dog days are just getting started. “People are excited about this summer [for] new adventures……especially, our seniors” said Jess Riniti ’14.

So, whether you are traveling away or staying in Westport, bear in mind the important motto that life is better in flip flops and remember not to remember what day it is.