I Heart Snow

I Heart Snow

When the winter chills creep through under your door and the treacherous black ice lurks behind the snow plows that are at work shoveling away the newly fallen snow, Westport students dial and redial this number to know whether or not they have to board the two degree school bus in their puffy Patagonia coats or slip back into bed to try and remember the pleasant dream so rudely interrupted by a screeching alarm clock.

There is nothing I like better than the sweet sound of Elliot Landon’s voice saying, “Westport Public Schools will be closed today.” After I hang up the telephone, take a quick lap around my house in excitement and add a brief video of the falling snow to my snapchat story, I snuggle back up in my fleece to enjoy another three to four hour dream about my fantasy wedding with Ryan Gosling.

Who doesn’t want a snow day? With five snow days already built into the end of the year, a one day escape from tests, essays and even just having to put on real clothes can be just the medicine you need to hold you off until vacation.

Little word of advice, even if the snow day does fall the day before a huge exam in English: don’t study.

It’s just one test. Be a kid and put on your full body snow suit with matching hood and gloves and head on over to Greens Farms to sled with all of your buddies. And then invite them back to your place for some Swiss Miss with the prepackaged marshmallows. It may count as a day out of your April break, after all. Don’t wait too long for the next snow day though: it’ll be summer before you know it! Try flushing two handfuls of ice down the toilet, turning your pajamas inside out, sleeping with a spoon under your pillow and singing Frosty the Snowman while standing on your head. Oh, and while you’re at it, upload a video of that, and tag me … just for my personal entertainment.