Digging into students’ excitement for Ecuador

Digging into students excitement for Ecuador

Builders Beyond Borders is meant to build, share and inspire both friendships and communities. This year the organization is headed off to Ecuador for nine days in February to work in classrooms, build homes and immerse themselves in South American culture.  

“I’m really excited to work in a new community and meet the children we’re building classrooms for,” Emily MacDonald ’16 said. “From past experiences, the communities we’ve worked in have always been equally as excited as we are and often have welcoming ceremonies or parties for us, which really shows us how happy they are that we’re there.”

Colby Siegel ’16 is also looking forward to interacting with the community.

“Every year we always get close to the community. They all interact differently with us each year and I’m excited to get to know the community we will be with and learn about their cultures,” Siegel said.

Besides building relationships with the community, students build strong relationships with each other.

Jesse Semel ’17 admits he is not looking forward to the change in teams, as he grew extremely close with the graduated seniors; however, he is still “super excited to bond with everyone who’s coming back and make new relationships with the new people.”

MacDonald, Siegel and Semel have all been on B3 trips before, and each experience is unique to all of them.

MacDonald is looking to experience Ecuador’s culture for what it actually is instead of the typical tourist vacation. But other than that she said, “I’m not really not looking forward to anything, apart from the high possibility I will get really sick like last year.”

“I’m really excited to go to Ecuador because I traveled the whole country two summers ago and it will be nice to be back,” Siegel said. “Apparently this year we will be living right on the coast line of a beach so it will be an interesting and diverse start to finish of all four years.”

Semel is really looking forward to the trip in general. “It is my favorite time of the year,” he said.