The Intern is charming its way through cinemas


Interns usually apply for trainee positions in order to gain experience in their field of interest. Well, Nancy Meyers sure did direct quite an experience for us. Her latest, and best movie in my opinion, was just released this past weekend on Sept. 25 and was second in the box office.

Instead of starting out with two dollars to his name and some Ramen dinner home cooked meals, Ben Whittaker, played by Robert De Niro, becomes an intern to get back in the game from retirement, at nothing other than a fashion website.

The bond that forms between Jules Ostin, Anne Hathaway and Whittaker, is one that you want to have. Envy grows as the movie goes on and you can only hope that someday you can mimic their relationship.

Hathaway and De Niro’s combined charm is what makes the movie so easy-going. Hathaway’s eagerness and successful path on the road of entrepreneurship make working look fun, something most of us can’t say. But add De Niro on top of that, you have the perfect picture: work, friends, wisdom, and glee.  

The age gap between the two doesn’t generate a generational divide, but rather binds it. The wisdom and age of an older character and the drive and energy of the young is what makes this movie relatable to all ages and all different people.
As Fiona describes Ben, this move is “an oldie but goodie” or at least it will be.