Despite rumors, internships will continue to run for underclassmen

Starting Monday, May 18 seniors will be leaving for internships. While these internships have always been set, earlier this year, rumors swirled that Lee Saveliff, internship coordinator, would be stepping down after 2016,  and that the internship program would be going with her.

However, according to Saveliff, even though she will no longer be coordinating after her daughter graduates in 2016, the internship program remain in place.

“I will still be the internship coordinator [next year],” Saveliff said in an email interview in response to rumors, “but I will also be training two new moms who will learn with me next year and take over for internships 2017.”

Upperclassmen had little reaction to the news.  “I wasn’t really upset when I heard the rumor because it was supposed to happen for the grades below but that would be awful for them,” Ava Ellis ’16 said.

But underclassmen are letting out a sigh of relief.

“I’ve always heard a lot about internships and all the cool things that seniors get to do,” Willow Woods ’18 said. “I was so nervous that we might not have that opportunity.”

The internship program has been in place since 2008 when only about 40 seniors participated in it. The program continued to grow until 2011 when nearly the entire senior class participated.

The chance to go on internship after AP exams is beneficial to students, as it gives them a chance to apply their knowledge in the real world as well as help to local businesses.

“For many, this is a first job, so it teaches interns about responsibility, promptness, interacting with others and having a boss among other things,” Saveliff explained. “For the sites, it allows them to learn a bit about Westport’s high schoolers and how awesome they are and for a wide array of Westport citizens,  an opportunity to meet and work with SHS seniors.”

While Saveliff will finish her four year reign in 2016, the internship program will continue to provide students with new opportunities and experiences.

“I’m really looking forward to internships next year because it’s such a learning experience,” Rachel Morrison ’16 said. “It’s also a good excuse to get out of school early.”