Winter fashion warms up

Winter fashion warms up

With winter weather drawing near and a snowfall already past, the key is layers, layers, layers! According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this is supposed to be the coldest winter of the decade. So get ready to bundle up ‘cause baby it’s cold outside.

Christmas is only a few days away, and New Year’s is quickly sneaking up behind it, so you want some cute holiday outfits. Let’s clarify: ugly Christmas sweaters are not trendy. Who wants to be the only person at the party in your grandpa’s reused thrift shop sweater, while everyone is rocking a cute velvet skater dress?

The answer is no one.

Be the star of the party, and mix and mingle to the jingling beat in an oversized LF crocheted sweater. Anything with sparkles is an absolute must.

If you’re not one to get dressed up, you can’t go wrong with a pair of patterned leggings, a cargo jacket, an infinity scarf, and combat boots with a decorative frilly lace sock. Warm, stylish, and tumblr-worthy.

Have you ever wanted an adorable hat but not crazy rat-nest hair? There is a solution: headband hats, in all patterns and colors. They cover your ears and your forehead, to prevent Jack Frost’s nips, but you still have some exposed hair for that snow-dusted pixie look.

Now on to the fashionistos.

This winter, flannels are red-hot. They are so easy to dress up or down, whether you’re running late for school or rockin’ around the Christmas tree. Combine them with a nice pair of khakis or festive corduroys, and you’ll be sure to impress all your relatives with your slick and sharp new look. Be careful though: most flannels tend be slightly thin. Be sure to grab a sweater on your way to the rink or slopes.

Because if you don’t, you’ll be skating on thin ice. Literally.