How I wish to be rockin’ steady


“Rock….Steady….’Cause your team, ain’t even ready. Rock, rock, rock, rock, steady-edy-edy-edy. Rock!”


Besides the fact, that I know you were singing and doing the dance moves full out when you read that, you already know that it is the fondest, most esteemed Staples cheer. From football games to basketball games to volleyball games, whether it is the Staples cheerleaders singing it, or superfans in stands, it seems to be sung at every Staples sports game.


Which is one of the many things you miss out on, on not playing a sport.


Being a dancer, I have never been on a Staples sports team, nor will I ever be. Clearly, I love what I do, otherwise I would not be doing it, but from time to time a wave of envy overcrowds me as I watch the teams dress up on game days and senior day posters dangle from the hallways on my way to class.


I look forward every year to the first friday in December, where I know I can wear my Nutcracker sweatshirt to school, and show some pride what I do. Sports teams, during their on season can do this sometimes once, maybe multiple times a week.


Don’t get me wrong, the academic aspect of school is fine, but from my observations, being on a team connects you more to the school, than any classroom ever could alone.


First of all you get bragging rights, that you are one of thee Staples Wreckers. You accumulate a multitude of logo wear, senior day shirts, and sibling Wrecker apparel. You bond with people from all grades at pasta dinners, team sleepovers, and of course games, meets, and matches.


You get to make a mark on the Staples community, and have teammates to come back and visit, and a team to call your own after you graduate and look back on your days on the team as some of the best moments in your high school careers.


I hope you don’t come to this sentence, feeling pity or that you’ve just spent your time reading an article by a whiny girl, who is self-involved in her minuscule teenage girl problems, but that you realize how lucky you are to be on a sports team.

It is a rockin’ privilege that you are beyond lucky to experience.