PSAT provides inefficient preparation for freshman


Freshmen and sophomores are required to take the PSAT in early March to test their skills.

The SAT: a standardized test juniors take in October measuring their knowledge and skill in school subjects. The score received will then be used to help you succeed in college and your career after that.

At Staples High School, freshmen and sophomores are required to take the PSAT around March to test our ability prior to taking the real exam. Even though it is good practice, freshman year is just too early for it.
While taking the PSAT multiple times before taking the real one is important to get a feel for the test, I believe we should only begin to take it sophomore year.
The primary reason for taking the PSAT is that it provides feedback on your weaknesses and strengths on the skills needed for the exam. But why test us three years prior to taking the real exam if our knowledge will expand in those years?

Throughout freshman year, most students still aren’t stressed about the SATs as they would be as a sophomore and especially a junior. So why have students worry about something three years before having to actually stress about it?

This year, I felt way more confident when taking the PSAT than I did freshman year. In all honesty, I did not know much of the questions being asked when first taking as a freshman. On the other hand, as a sophomore, I felt both more prepared and more certain of my answers.

Instead of taking the PSAT both as a freshman and a sophomore, I believe a better option would be having to take it twice sophomore year. One test at the beginning of the year and then another one towards the end. This way previous to taking the SAT, you could get a feel on how you have progressed academically by measuring your growth throughout the year.