Discussing my thoughts on school


Going back to school is like deciding between indulging in that second serving of ice cream, or giving in to the healthy green salad. Summer is awesome and delicious (ice cream), but not fantastic for me in the long run. School is the healthier option.

The salad option is tricky. After months of staying up late and getting up late, 6 am is hard. Hitting the sleep button for a few more glorious hours of sleep is a lot more appealing than dragging myself out of bed to get to school in time for first period. Senior year is supposed to be exciting. So far, I’m not feeling it.

My teachers this year are great, but leapt right into the thick of things schoolwork wise. School also started with a full on 5-day week, which was rough. Day 1 was pretty fun, with the noise, excitement, and short classes. It doesn’t really count as a school day. But by day 3, it felt like I had already been in school for weeks, and summer was a distant memory. Sleep deprivation hit hard.

It probably didn’t help that I started my summer work two weeks before school started. I could’ve done the smart thing, evenly distributing it out over the days. But, no. I waited.

However, I’m not all negative about the upcoming year. It is my last year at Staples, and while it’s been a long and uphill road to get here, I can’t wait to see this last year pan out. I would just rather have a little more ice cream first.