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Alison Morrison
What do you get when you add a “Hunger Games craze,” cookies and cream ice cream, an easy-breezy attitude, Canada, journalism and a deep adoration for peanut butter?

The answer is staff writer Alison Morrison ’15.

Let’s break down the equation. She admires the spunky attitude of Jennifer Lawrence, and is a die-hard fan of the “Hunger Game” series. She stands strongly behind fantasy, and is not capable of being friends with a person who has never read or seen the “Harry Potter” series.

Morrison enjoys reading about Katniss Everdeen most when she treats herself to a bowl of cookies-and-cream ice cream. “There is seriously nothing better on this Earth,” Morrison smiles. “Except for peanut butter.”

Well, not just American peanut butter. Morrison is proudly a Canadian, as it is one of her favorite places to visit, but the real reason she’s so fond is because of the Kraft brand of peanut butter that’s not available in the U.S. “Everytime we go to Canada, we come back with jars and jars of peanut butter.”

Morrison has taken a strong interest in the art of journalism, and even though she couldn’t fit journalism into her schedule last year, “lots of people thought I was in the class because I was in the Inklings room so much,” she said.

Now that she is in the class, Morrison looks forward to getting out there and talking to people. “Interacting with different people is not something you can get from just any ordinary job,” she said. “Journalism allows you to have a really interesting and useful skill set.”

Well there it is, the full, broken down equation of Alison Morrison. However, unlike most equations, this one is fun-filled, eager and really looking forward to writing for Inklings in her senior year.


Alison Morrison, Staff Writer

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Alison Morrison