Watch out for Apple Watch


On Sept. 9, Apple announced the launch of the Apple Watch at the same time that the iPhone 6 was released. The watch connects to an iPhone, and replies to texts, alerts the wearer of phone calls, tracks fitness applications, pays for items by accessing credit cards and even functions as a walkie-talkie.

“I think that the Apple Watch will set a new standard for wearable technology,” Dylan Diamond ’17, creator of the Home Access app, said.

Currently, Samsung has a similar watch that pairs with Android phones. The Galaxy Gear is advertised by Samsung as having smart relay for quick notifications, Find My Device, auto lock/unlock for the paired phone and hands-free calls. However, while the watches are similar, the Apple Watch has a lot more functions than its Samsung alternative.

“Apple did two things right with this watch: First it built in fitness tracking, like the heart monitor on the back.[…] Second, Apple made this watch small and attractive, with a wide range of styles and bands,” David Pogue, founder of Yahoo Tech and columnist for the New York Times, said.

The Apple Watch is making strides for future technology. However, it does not come without reservations.

Anthony Forgette, a math teacher at Staples, has concerns that temperature might be an issue. Apple computers and phones are known for overheating when the processor runs for an extended period of time.

Forgette also has some aesthetic concerns. “I’m personally not a fan of the way the watch looks,” Forgette said.

Still,  the Apple Watch  appears to have attracted attention.

“I do think that people will buy the Apple Watch because it is a new Apple product that has a lot of potential, regardless of the fact that it is a strange piece of technology,” Diamond said.

The Apple Watch will only pair with iPhones, so Android users are left with the less versatile Galaxy watch.

“Nobody knows if the Apple Watch will be a hit, but this much is clear: if any smartwatch has a chance, it’s this one,” Pogue said.

Along with multiple screen designs, ranging from silver to rose gold, Apple offers bands that vary from a modern buckle design to a sport band. These design opportunities seamlessly blend fashion and technology.

Fashion-forward individuals can customize pretty much everything on the watch; the watch face, size, alloy and even the edition can be changed to fit anyone’s wildest dreams.

“I think it will become fashionable,” Katherine Ratcliffe ’15 said. “But whether or not it’s fashionable now,  I can’t really say.”