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Westport will charge electric vehicle drivers fees at 35 charging stations across town and railroad lots, with a rate of 35 cents per kilowatt-hour and an additional idling fee at certain locations, to promote sustainable and economically viable EV use.

Westport implements electric vehicle charging fees

Liora Perkins ’25 and Lily Rimm '25 March 18, 2024

Charging electric vehicles at public stations in Westport will soon come with a cost, as the town prepares to implement fees starting March 11.  This decision, approved in December, initially planned...

Many students have turned to ChatGPT to complete their writing assignments, but this deprives them of the ability to hone their critical thinking and analysis skills.

Even with so many AI programs present, being a good writer still matters

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor February 8, 2024

Artificial intelligence has proved itself to be extremely useful in our daily lives, and has seen immense commercial success. From being used in healthcare all the way to customer service, the capabilities...

Nanoramic Laboratories, a Massachusetts-based electric vehicle battery manufacturer, will establish its first major factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with $47.5 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, aiming to produce advanced energy storage systems.

Nanoramic’s Connecticut venture marks milestone for sustainable battery technology

Lily Rimm ’25, Opinions Editor December 19, 2023

Nanormatic Laboratories, a Massachusetts company that manufacturers electric vehicle batteries, has chosen Bridgeport, Connecticut as their location for their first major factory that will produce advanced...

This starting slide introduces the panelists to the audience and prepares them to begin the AI Tea Talk.

Panelists discuss effects of AI on art industry

Alice Frascella ’25, Web Arts Editor November 28, 2023

The Westport Library held a talk about Artificial Intelligence on Nov. 5. Panelists included Yale University professor Luciano Floridi, Visual Artist Liz Leggett, Composer Brian Keane, Westport Public...

Eva Glennon ’24 and Jona Bernstein ’25 take a brief break in Italian class as phone alarms went off from the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. 
Photo dramatization by Ella Harrington ’25.

BREAKING NEWS: Nationwide emergency test alarms causes confusion in classrooms

Ella Harrington ’25, Web News Editor October 6, 2023

Throughout the country, every television, radio and cellphone blared out the distinctive warning tone of an emergency alert at 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 4. The Federal Emergency Management Coordinators...

Snapchat AI feature appears at the top of Snapchat feed on April 19 for all users.

New artificial intelligence feature comes to Snapchat

Audrey Curtis '25, Web Photostory Editor April 27, 2023

“I’m here to chat with you and keep you company! Is there anything you’d like to talk about?” my Artificial Intelligence asked me. The second I questioned its arrival, I didn’t enjoy the idea...

Society has lost the art of meaningful conversations. Staples students spend the majority of their days on their phones and should make a more sincere effort to deepen their friendships.

The lost art of conversation; society must improve

Shira Zeiberg '22, Staff Writer March 30, 2022

Do you remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation with someone? I mean a real conversation that was held in person and  not over Facetime, Facebook, text, through Snapchat, Instagram or...

Attending the High Mountain Institute, a five week alpine backpacking and creative writing program free of social media, taught me the value of unplugging and self reflecting. It is incredibly healthy, and important, to disconnect from social media in order to learn about oneself and reduce stress.

Social media hiatus reaps substantial reward

Abbie Goldstein '22, Paper Arts Editor March 10, 2022

“Does seeing that make you happy?” My mom asked me once when she caught me endlessly scrolling through social media. Although I got annoyed and told her to leave me alone, it left me thinking. And...

Emojis allow for unusually creative expression and communication among friends and family.

Emojis permit atypical expression and communication

Brooke Dembin '22, Assistant Creative Director March 30, 2021

Do you send your mom and friends random fruit emojis throughout the day for fun but to also give them a sense of confusion? No? Just me? This just got awkward... Emojis have a variety of uses that can...

The new series of AirPods discontinues the small and compact model of the previous AirPods, disappointing AirPod lovers.

Apple displeases with new generation of AirPods

Toby Goldfarb ’23, Staff Writer December 23, 2020

Apple announced the upcoming release of their newest generation of AirPods, called AirPods Max, on Dec. 8. After their anticlimactic release of the iPhone 12, I was expecting a lot from this new AirPod...

Aware of the advancing technological sphere, Warner Bros. recently announced they would be releasing all 2021 films to HBO Max the day they hit theaters. “Wonder Woman: 1984” will be among the movies available on the streaming platform come Dec. 25, reasonably priced at $14.99.

Don’t cancel — Stream: in a changing marketplace, Hollywood should look to stream premieres

Lauren Hassell ’22, Web Features Editor December 15, 2020

Disappointment abounds. With the winter sports season cancelled, superfans need a fix. With so many people quarantining and opting to learn remotely, students are also bored and in need of an outlet. So,...

The PowerUpdate app immediately notifies students when a new grade is added into PowerSchool, reducing stress from constant grade-checking.

PowerUpdate app intends to relieve stress about grades

Ella Shi '23, Features Editor November 2, 2020

Every high school student understands the stress of waiting for their teacher to post a grade on PowerSchool. They refresh and refresh and refresh, hoping their grade will change, but it doesn’t. For...

As “The Social Dilemma” explains, social media apps such as these are run by human-made algorithms programmed to interpret user data and create a specific feed for each consumer.

Riveting documentary, “The Social Dilemma” challenges perceptions of social media

Anastasia Thumser ’22, Web News Editor September 26, 2020

As teenagers, we are often reminded of the trite adage that technology is taking over our lives. Complaints of academic stress, frustration over extracurriculars or even a measly headache will trigger...

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