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Nanoramic’s Connecticut venture marks milestone for sustainable battery technology

Lily Rimm ’25
Nanoramic Laboratories, a Massachusetts-based electric vehicle battery manufacturer, will establish its first major factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with $47.5 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, aiming to produce advanced energy storage systems.

Nanormatic Laboratories, a Massachusetts company that manufacturers electric vehicle batteries, has chosen Bridgeport, Connecticut as their location for their first major factory that will produce advanced energy storage systems, particularly lithium iron phosphate batteries. Announced on Nov. 28 by United States Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal along with U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, the battery plant has received $47.5 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, which supports Public Transportation programs. 

Nanormatic Laboratories and its parent company, FastCap Systems, chose Connecticut due to “its unique mix and dense concentration of highly specialized manufacturing talent and engineering talent,” Nanormatic Co-founder John Cooley said, according to AdvanceCT.

Nanoramic has set ambitious goals focused on enhancing energy efficiency and promoting sustainability, and has been working toward this goal since 2009, based on work by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Notably, the company has vowed to increase the range of vehicles by up to 30 percent and create nearly 200 jobs with the addition of the Bridgeport plant. 

“While the idea of a new battery plant has a sort of negative connotation to it, looking past these biases it becomes pretty obvious how constructive this project can be,” Lucas Ceballos-Cala ’25 said. “Only time will tell how this project will impact the surrounding community, but we can all hope for the best.”

Only time will tell how this project will impact the surrounding community, but we can all hope for the best.

— Lucas Ceballos-Cala ’25

Nanoramic, at the forefront of lithium iron phosphate electrode technology development, has revolutionized battery capabilities with test results revealing charging times under 15 minutes, significantly enhancing efficiency. These batteries are strategically designed for extended durations between charges, optimizing user convenience.

The addition of Neocarbonix in batteries, a groundbreaking product by Nanoramic Laboratories, eliminates the necessity for expensive cobalt, thereby promoting sustainability and providing significant cost savings for electric vehicle buyers.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont hails Nanoramic as “one of the most transformative companies in the country,” and commends its decision to establish roots in the thriving city of Bridgeport, according to the New Haven Register.

This strategic focus on technological advancements cements Nanoramic’s position as a leader in energy conservation, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.

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