Let my room live

Let my room live

Let me start by saying that my room has been painted the same color since I was around six.


It’s pool party blue, and I picked it out at a paint store in Fairfield. I had never been more excited about anything.  My brother mocked me ceaselessly for picking pool party blue instead of his choice, midnight sky or something more boring than that. But, I loved it.


My senior year is rapidly coming to a close, and I have to prepare to leave my pool party blue haven. I’m not quite ready for the stark white dorm room.


I desperately want my room to stay the same forever.

Some might call me a hoarder, but I have some valuable memories kept in the depths of my room. When I was 13, I slaved for a week in order to make my own version of a pinterest-worthy cork board.


Changing my room when I leave is absurd. It’s my room and I should have the choice to change or leave it.


I refuse to allow it to change without approval.


My room will be my haven until I say it’s time to change it. It has been where I can go whenever I want to be alone, wrapped up in my blanket watching television or doing homework.
While I won’t be spending quite as much time in my room next year, pool party blue will live forever. You heard it here first.