Quirky college majors intrigue Staples students

Quirky college majors intrigue Staples students

Economics, business, pre-med, English and pre-law are quick to roll off the tongue when discussing potential college majors. Courses like Horticulture or Jewelry Making are rarer.

Speaking of unique majors, the University of California – Berkeley offers Arguing with Judge Judy as a potential course of study. Alfred University in Alfred, New York gives students the opportunity to declare Maple Syrup as their major.

“Some of the cool ones, to me, are national security advising, cyber security, jewelry, wine-making, and cheesemaking.”  Victoria Capozzi, guidance counselor at Staples, said.

Most of these obscure college majors emerge as subsets of broader departments. For example, Mentalfloss.com describes a professional nannying major offered at Sullivan University that not only includes skills such as etiquette and manners, but also certifies their students in CPR and first aid training.

Some Staples students have already zeroed in on a specific, unconventional major. Alice Von Staden ’15, an avid horseback rider, said she wants to major in equine studies so she can work with horses when she graduates.

“[Horseback riding] has been what I have done since I was five, and I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Von Staden said.

When looking at the college process as a whole, significantly reducing the pool of applicants is also a plus for students set on unique majors.

“It has made the search for colleges much easier because it has helped narrow my choices down. There are so many colleges out there so it was really a great way to start looking,” Von Staden continued.

The college process can be daunting, because of the vast opportunity and broad courses of study. Unique, uncommon majors can help narrow downsize the amount of colleges on your radar. Besides, if nothing else appeals to you, it is possible to major in decision-making (Indiana University), and spend your days analyzing your inability to make up your mind.