Bridge bathrooms reopen after three months


Graphic by Cameron Almonte ’23

The girls’ and boys’ bathrooms located by the bridge on the second floor are open again.

The bathrooms on the second floor near the low number classrooms, also known as the “bridge bathrooms,” were reopened on Jan. 25 after being closed for over three months due to an incident where many students carried furniture from the bridge into the bathrooms.
Students expressed gratitude and the importance of reopening these bathrooms.
“I’m just glad they were reopened,” Collin Chaple ’23 said. “They were the most convenient bathrooms in the entire school.”
Assistant principal James Farnen provided further explanation as to why the bathrooms opened up again.
“They were opened back up to give students a fresh start in the second semester,” Farnen said, “in the hope they will be used appropriately and not as a storage unit for furniture.”