Manna Toast Westport set to close by the end of the month


Manna Toast provides a variety of plant-based foods in their cafe. Their menu is available for dining-in, takeout and delivery.

Manna Toast in downtown Westport is closing after over two years since its arrival in July 2020. The cafe announced their closing on Dec.12 through their Instagram.

According to the Instagram post, Manna Toast states it’s closing is due to, “the current labor market, in our segment of the restaurant industry, and due to varying priorities in our personal and business lives.” Manna Toast also mentions they originally intended to eventually expand and add locations across Fairfield County.

I started working at Manna Toast when it opened when I was at Staples. Now that I’m in college, it’s been my job I’ve done every summer and winter break. It’s definitely very bittersweet for me.

— Manna Toast employee Dani Barnes

Since its opening in the height of Covid, the cafe located on Church Lane in Bedford Square offers an all-day range on its menu. Manna Toast serves plant-based and sustainable eats, from classics featured on toast like a “bacon” egg and cheese or a Philly “cheesesteak” with a plant-based meat alternative, to a coffee and overnight oats. 

According to Manna Toast’s website, they aim to, “inspire a cultural shift towards plant based eating,” that is, “Non-GMO, sustainable, artisanal, organic, and intentionally sourced from small and family-owned agricultural partners.” 

Sophia Reeves ’25, a regular goer of all downtown restaurants, reflects on the uniqueness of the cafe. 

“The food was very fresh and healthy and the different toast options were very unique,” Reeves said. “It’s sad it’s closing because they’re aren’t many plant-based restaurants like that in Westport.” 

According to Manna Toast’s Instagram post, they are pleased with what they have achieved and hope that others will build on the success they’ve had. Since 2020, the cafe has had nearly 30,000 customers.

“The customers are really great and I like that there are a lot of regulars,” Barnes said. “A lot of people this week have been saying how much they’re going to miss it.”