Governor Lamont announces legislative gun violence proposals


Graphic by Gena Frucht ’24

Governor Ned Lamont recently announced a legislative proposal on gun violence to help reduce the issue in Connecticut.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lemont announced on Feb. 7 a package of $64 million that will help minimize illegal guns entering the state, grant millions of dollars to strengthen the work of law enforcement and minimize the number of people who violate gun safety laws.

This new proposal is an add-on to the Lamont administration’s public safety support. This initiative has doubled the number of police trained in Connecticut, granted $2.5 million to police departments and probation officers for COVID related costs and attempted to reimburse hospital-based violence intervention programs.  

“These are commonsense proposals that are focused on protecting our neighborhoods, stopping the illegal flow of guns into our state, and providing law enforcement and the communities they serve with the resources they need to address the root causes of violence,” Lamont said. 

Lamont proposed the establishment of a gun-tracking force in order to figure out the origin of illegal guns and put an end to “ghost guns,” or untraceable guns that have no serial number. He also proposed the instatement of various licenses for gun dealers.

“I think gun violence is a huge issue especially considering that I’m a student and also the fact that I grew up in Newtown, Connecticut and therefore was heavily impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy,” Gianna Amatuzzi ’24 said. “So I find that dedicating more money towards this cause is definitely important.” 

Lamont also proposed methods to make it easier for law enforcement officers to access the permits of people who own guns as well as ban guns in public areas. He hopes to widen assault weapon bans and prohibit those convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.  

I think gun violence is a huge issue […] so I find that dedicating more money towards this cause is definitely important.

— Gianna Amatuzzi ’24

Lamont’s ultimate goal with this package is to make Connecticut safer and limit the number of tragedies that occur due to firearms. 

“The gun issues are very important,” Reilly McCaffrey ’23 said. “Although I don’t hear much about it in Connecticut, I do hear about it in a lot of high schools all over the country. And I do think it is a very important cause to devote money to.”