Former Staples student seeks compensation for harassment claims


Photo taken by Sarah Marron ’24

On Oct. 5, former student, Anaya Maignan-Thompson filed a lawsuit against Staples, accusing her teachers of verbal harassment.

A lawsuit was recently filed against Staples on Oct. 5 by Ayana Maignan-Thompson, a former Staples student, who claimed to have been harassed by her teachers and is asking for more than $15,000 in damages. Throughout her time being a student at Staples, she recounts multiple times where she was singled out and treated unfairly.

According to the case complaints, in Sept. 2019, Maignan-Thompson’s math teacher “reprimanded [Maignan-Thompson] and told her to learn to ‘speak English.’”

The following month, in Oct. 2019, “[Maignan-Thompson] was taking a test and was accused by her […] teacher of helping another student cheat.”

Some students’ report never witnessing similar harassment at Staples but recognize that their experience is dependent on a multitude of factors.

“I personally don’t see harassment like this at our school,” Ashley Podziba ’24 said. “[This] might be because of the teachers I have and talk to each day.”

Additionally, Maignan-Thompson claims she was “reprimanded […] for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.” Some current students feel that the school environment in 2019 is different compared to today, and that in most of their classes, teachers are less likely to single out students.

“In some of my classes, I notice that some people don’t stand up for the Pledge,” Alannah Morris ’24 said. “From my experience at Staples so far, I believe my teachers respect what decisions students make.”

Because this lawsuit is currently pending, Principle Stafford W. Thomas Jr. and Superintendent of Schools Thomas Scarice have opted to withhold from commenting on the case.