Staples named Best Public High School in Connecticut


Photo by Finnegan Courtney ’23

A partial view of the full rankings, showing the top three schools, out of a list featuring nearly 200 public high schools in the state.

Staples was named the number one best public high school in Connecticut according to Niche’s annual “Best Public High Schools in Connecticut” ranking for 2021, receiving an A+ in its overall Niche grade. 

Niche makes this decision based on numerous factors including rigorous analysis of data provided from the U.S. Department of Education. With the millions of reviews from students and parents, state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates and SAT and ACT scores, the rankings are claimed to be as accurate as possible. 

Many Staples students are excited about the ranking, and are feeling upbeat about Staples receiving this honorable recognition.

“It’s pretty impressive and gratifying to know that I go to such a highly rated school with a lot of smart peers,” Abbey Baldwin ’23 said.

The Niche website provides grades in certain categories as well. Staples earned an A+ in the categories of academics, teachers, clubs and activities, administration, food, sports, resources and facilities and college preparation. Staples also received an A in the health and safety category, but just a C+ grade in the diversity category. 

Staples just needs to ease up on the regulations with outside towns coming to receive education in Staples. Currently, you have to be a homeowner in Westport [and] they should [change] that.

— Toby Obinwanne ’23

Under the health and safety category and according to the website, 81% of Staples students from a 26 person sample agree that they feel safe at the school. It also says 69% of students agree that they like Staples and feel happy attending.

The site also includes reviews of the school from both current students and alumni, with most of them landing in the positive categories.

“Very liberal and academically good,” a four-month old anonymous review from a current Staples sophomore wrote. “The teachers, facilities, and administration are very average. Not very diverse, so with many racial incidents towards any [person of color], nothing really gets done. However, the college readiness is above average as well as sports, math and technology, and the music department. The safety and food is average, I would say.”

The most attention-grabbing grade comes with the last and lowest ranked category, diversity. With its score of a C+, students reflect upon the limited range of people that Staples contains in its school community.

“Staples just needs to ease up on the regulations with outside towns coming to receive education in Staples,” Toby Obinwanne ’23 said. “Currently, you have to be a homeowner in Westport [and] they should [change] that.”