Staples’ games positively affected by return of fans


Taken from Staples Baseball website, credit goes to Dylan Goodman Photography

Spring sports now allow fans into games. Some players say it has had a positive impact on their performances.

Fans will always be a major part of sports, regardless if it is professional sports, college or high school sports and even sports intended for younger children. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans have not been allowed to go to  Staples’ games all year long due to concern about spreading the virus. It wasn’t until recently when fans were welcomed back.

“[There’s] no question our athletes missed our fans,” Athletic Director Marty Lisevick said. [We’re] very happy to have everyone back.” 

Despite the recent decline in numbers regarding COVID-19 cases across both the state and country, Staples is still following COVID-19 guidelines that were put out by the FCIAC. This includes the requirement of all game spectators to wear masks, as well as maintain a safe distance from other fans.

For indoor games, only consisting of volleyball in the spring, only two people per athlete are allowed in. While some may question the district for allowing Staples to let fans into games, Lisevick and the athletic department feel that it is the right time to do so.

“Across the state, districts are doing everything they can to get back to normal, and that includes sports and fans attending games,” Lisevick said.

However, the school and sports administrations do want to send a message to the entire Staples community.

“Just come out and support the Wreckers and please exhibit great sportsmanship,” Lisevick said.

In the recent weeks of the return of fans, athletes have certainly felt a change in the atmosphere. 

“It’s definitely more electric and the fans give you a nice boost while playing,” baseball player

It’s definitely more electric and the fans give you a nice boost while playing

— Chris Zajac '23

’23 said.

Fans are a key part of all sports and players agree that they create  a major difference. Along with that, they bring an even greater sense of pride to each  game.

“There is a huge difference,” David Gervasio ’23 said. “The fans bring a different atmosphere and really add a feeling of importance to the game.”