Jen Tooker announces campaign for First Selectwoman


Photo by Anna Diorio '23

Current Second Selectwoman Jen Tooker announced that she has launched her campaign for First Selectwoman at 11 a.m. on April 9. Westport residents and local press gathered to watch Tooker in front of Town Hall.

Westport Second Selectwoman Jen Tooker announced that she would be running for First Selectwoman —Westport’s highest office— on April 9. After three years of serving under Republican First Selectman Jim Marpe, who will not be running for re-election, Tooker launched her campaign in front of Westport Town Hall, alongside Vice Chair of the Board of Finance Andrea Moore, her running mate. Moore is running for the position of Second Selectwoman.

Tooker is a politically active and longstanding resident of Westport. Her passion and close connection to this town is what has motivated her to run for First Selectwoman.

“It’s just the job for me. It’s what I really want to do. It’s where I live. I feel so strongly about giving back to this community,” Tooker said. “It’s the avenue by which I can really give back and make a difference.”

In regards to the Staples community, Tooker places students and their welfare as a high priority on her agenda, should she assume the position of First Selectwoman.

“We really want to make sure Staples is a place where people feel safe and they feel they belong,” Tooker said.

For Moore, and many other Westport candidates such as Tooker herself, family has been a driving reason behind pursuing an active leadership role in their community. 

It’s just the job for me. It’s what I really want to do. It’s where I live. I feel so strongly about giving back to this community.

— Westport Second Selectwoman Jen Tooker

“Ever since I had kids, I’ve been trying to give back to the town. And, while I’ve been a part of the town government, I’ve just really enjoyed it. […] I feel like this is the right new step,” Moore said. 

Moore sees the role of Second Selectwoman as an opportunity to be an emotional and social advocate for Westporters. 

“I hope I can be a person who is very accessible. […] I hope that I can really help out in that way,” Moore said.” “ I just want to make Westport a better place, so whatever I can do to do that, I’m in.”

Westport’s local elections will take place Nov. 2, 2021.