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Students with 504 plans are entitled to specific educational services intended to aid them in receiving a “free appropriate public education (FAPE).” However, the school is not doing its job to ensure this.

Special education, 504 plans: administration doesn’t give adequate academic support

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director January 10, 2023

My ADHD and anxiety had never proven to hinder my academic performance—that is, until I started high school.  Switching from all A-level classes to nearly all Honors, I not only had to adjust to...

Attendance policies at Staples cause unnecessary difficulty and stress for students. Whether unexcused or excused, any absence counts towards a loss of credit.

Excused absences shouldn’t count towards loss of credit

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director December 5, 2022

At the beginning of this school year, I came down with an aggressive virus that kept me out of school for almost two weeks. Then I got sick again. Then I missed more time for a family funeral. Then I needed...

Multilingualism has been proven to have many uses, yet in America, foreign language education is severely lacking, in comparison to the rest of the world.

Foreign language education lacks in America, Westport community

Anna Diorio '23, Broadcast Director October 17, 2022

The issue of foreign language education in the United States is one that is as old as America itself.  The founding fathers sought to establish an “intellectual agenda” for the new country. Looking...

Two Staples students received All-National Honors, making them the top performing high school musicians in the country. The musicians will travel to National Harbor, Maryland to participate in a prestigious ensemble where they will showcase their talents in the annual ANHE program showcase taking place at the beginning of November this year.

Staples musicians receive ‘All-National Honors,’ deemed top high school musician in country

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director September 30, 2022

Staples High School has long been recognized for its outstanding music program, demonstrating excellence in all of its ensembles and across a variety of instrument families. But what makes Staples music...

The socialization of heteronormativity at home has a significant impact on children, becoming more apparent in their teenage years.

The damaging effects of: ‘I’m just teasing.’

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director May 24, 2022

There was a lot of teasing in my household accompanying any conversations about boys and relationships. It was clear to me that when my dad would jokingly warn, “There better not be any boys hiding under...

The overcrowding of multiple assessments immediately following April break has dropped an unfair overload of work on students in a short span of time and has caused an unhealthy amount of stress for students.

A stressful time: finals, AP exams, honors societies and a cherry on top

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director May 3, 2022

It’s the week after April break for Staples students and times could not be more stressful—especially for AP students.  Why?  Perhaps it's because of the back-to-back final exams that have...

The premiere of “Descendants: the Musical” took place on Friday, April 1. This show, an adaptation of the Disney movie series by the same name, is a mix of all three “Descendants movies and received several standing ovations from the audience throughout the performance. The show is set for more performances on April 3, 8 and 9 with a double cast.

A wicked opening night: ‘Descendants’ cast and crew celebrate triumph, raw reactions

Anna Diorio ’23, Broadcast Director April 5, 2022

Rapturous cheers flooded the offstage wings of the Staples auditorium after the cast and crew of “Descendants” took the first of their final bows on opening night. Minutes after the curtains closed,...

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