Governor Lamont enacts age-based vaccination approach


Photo from The Wall Street Journal

Governor Ned Lamont speaks at a press conference regarding COVID-19. The updated approach announced Monday will be age-based and allow exceptions for educators and childcare providers.

Governor Ned Lamont announced an updated COVID-19 vaccination approach based on age to start March 1 for the state of Connecticut on Feb. 22.
The reconfigured approach will include exceptions for educators and childcare providers.
Vaccination dates are scheduled to begin with those aged 55 to 64. Next, ages 45 to 54 on March 22, 35 to 44 on April 12 and 16 to 34 on May 3.
“In a perfect world, we would have enough doses of the vaccine to get it to all 3.6 million people in Connecticut right now, however each state is being given a very limited supply, which is why we must take this phased approach,” Governor Lamont said at a press briefing.The vaccination plan does not prioritize many workers at high risk, such as those who have jobs in transportation or critical retail, who may be more susceptible to the disease. Those with underlying medical conditions will also not be prioritized in the phased approach.
Some view this approach as problematic because those with medical conditions are more likely to undergo complications with the contraction of COVID-19.
“It’s unfair to disregard the people who will suffer more severely from the disease,” Aaron Cheung ’22 said.
Prior to essential workers and those with medical conditions, medical first responders and those aged 65 and over were eligible for vaccination in the first rollout.
“I hope the vaccination can be passed out in time for safe return to the next school year,” Samir Mott ’22 said,“so life can be back to normal.”