Teachers to become eligible for COVID-19 vaccination


Finnegan Courtney '23

With the announcement by Lamont yesterday, a new vaccine distribution schedule was released, including when teachers are eligible to Receive.

Connecticut teachers and school staff will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine beginning March 1.

This announcement from Governor Ned Lamont came in concert with the release of a new vaccination schedule, including an expansion to age group 16-34, which includes Staples students, starting May 3.

“My goal is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible, and I believe this is the best path to meeting that challenge,” Lamont said during an earlier news briefing when announcing the decision.

While there has been talk of a new system for vaccine rollout, the state has decided to stay with an age-based rollout plan, with teachers and school staff becoming eligible for it during that rollout process.

“Sticking with an age-based vaccine rollout allows our vaccine providers to get as many shots as possible as quickly and equitably as possible into the arms of Connecticut residents, and vaccinating our education and childcare workforce will get our children back in the classroom this school year,” Acting Public Health Commissioner Deidre Gifford said during the announcement.

Following the briefing and announcement, many Staples students agree with the decision made. 

“[It’s a] great [decision],” Sarp Gurdogan ’23 said. “[It] should create more comfort with the [teachers], students [and] parents now that all teachers will be vaccinated.”