Lamont warns of spike in cases as holiday season approaches


Graphic by Jake Fitzpatrick '22

Just days after Thanksgiving, the number of cases per day in Connecticut nearly doubled. Governor Lamont, President-Elect Joe Biden and many top scientists are predicting a bigger spike of cases throughout this holiday season.

Governor Lamont advised in a Dec. 17 press conference that Connecticut residents restrict how much they travel, aiming to avoid the same rise in cases that the Thanksgiving break brought.

“We all paid a price for [those Thanksgiving gatherings],” Lamont said. “Maybe that’s leveling out now, we’ll see, but let’s not let that happen again.”

Many are following Lamont’s warning to stay home for the holiday season.

“My family decided to not go anywhere for the winter break,”  Alexia Abrams-Rivera ’22 said. “We know that there will be a risk like there was with Thanksgiving.”

[Citizens] are responsible for keeping things in check no matter what state laws are passed.

— Rishabh Banerjee ’21

This warning comes just after one given on Dec. 16 by President-Elect Joe Biden that also urged Americans to refrain from traveling. 

“With all the trouble you’re going through,” Biden said, “you cannot be traveling during these holidays, as much as you want to.”

Many believe Connecticut should impose heavier restrictions to curb a Christmas increase.

“There should be more measures taken by Connecticut,” Abrams-Rivera said. “There should be a more restrictive code on travel and on quarantining for those who do travel.”

Others disagree, believing that any extra regulations are futile in the face of human error. 

“A huge part of it comes down to the people; whether they social distance or wearing a mask,” Rishabh Banerjee ’21 said. “They are responsible for keeping things in check no matter what state laws are passed.”