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Due to the stigma surrounding men’s skincare, men are often forced into a lose-lose situation in which they are mocked both for having acne and for trying to take care of their skin. To end this stigma, skincare must be seen as gender-neutral tools rather than feminine products.

Stigma around men’s skincare must be upended

Jake Fitzpatrick ’22 November 24, 2021

Growing up, I noticed that skincare was often a taboo subject among men. Conversations regarding moisturizers, face washes and toners were often shot down near-instantly by homophobic and sexist remarks....

Since 2011, the University of Connecticut Football team has not had a single winning season. As Connecticut’s national representative for sports, UConn must improve their record and financial practices for the sake of state pride.

UConn Football Team poorly represents Connecticut

Jake Fitzpatrick ’22, Staff Writer November 4, 2021

Since Connecticut does not have a notable professional sports team, our main athletic representative on the national stage is the University of Connecticut. Over 100 students from Staples are accepted...

Despite Nestlé’s documented history of slavery, child endangerment and water theft, Staples continues to sell Nestlé Pure Life water bottles in the cafeteria. It is time for Staples to stand up against the injustices that Nestlé has committed and stop selling their products.

Staples must stop stocking the cafeteria with Nestlé products

Jake Fitzpatrick ’22, Staff Writer October 18, 2021

Nestlé is a company that has been part of my life since I was a toddler. I remember getting really excited for king-size Butterfinger and Kit-Kat bars on Halloween, begging my dad for Nesquik chocolate...

Connecticut must protect problem gamblers when legalizing online gambling

Connecticut must protect problem gamblers when legalizing online gambling

Jake Fitzpatrick ’22, Staff Writer April 24, 2021

Two years ago, a friend of mine told me that they had blown nearly $600 betting on the Super Bowl. At the time I laughed it off, but after I found out that he burned through nearly $2,000 on other sporting...

To meet Connecticut standards, Westport needs to approve over 700 new low-income housing units. These low-income housing units, such as Hales Court, are essential to correct the housing segregation that plagues Westport.

Westport needs to do more than minimum with affordable housing

Jake Fitzpatrick ’22, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

In the early 1930s, the Federal National Mortgage Association was created. Along with other New Deal legislation, it subsidized the creation of suburban housing, but only for white middle-class and lower-middle-class...

Despite its advances in diversity and representation, Public Act No, 19-12, or An Act Concerning The Inclusion Of Black And Latino Studies In The Public School Curriculum, does not provide proper treatment to Connecticut’s Native American community.

New Black, Latino history bill lacks needed representation for Native Americans

Jake Fitzpatrick '22, Staff Writer January 29, 2021

On Dec. 29, 1890, an estimated 150 Native Americans were killed in the Wounded Knee Massacre. After that, Native American history stops; no more “notable” events happened afterward. At least, that’s...

Just days after Thanksgiving, the number of cases per day in Connecticut nearly doubled. Governor Lamont, President-Elect Joe Biden and many top scientists are predicting a bigger spike of cases throughout this holiday season.

Lamont warns of spike in cases as holiday season approaches

Jake Fitzpatrick '22, Staff Writer December 23, 2020

Governor Lamont advised in a Dec. 17 press conference that Connecticut residents restrict how much they travel, aiming to avoid the same rise in cases that the Thanksgiving break brought. "We all paid...

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