Staples wins top school in state


The privately run elementary through high school rating organization, NICHE, awarded Staples High School an A+ as the top school in the state of Connecticut for its exceptional academics, faculty and athletics department.

NICHE is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and conducts its ratings of school systems nationwide in order to provide insights for other communities and colleges. NICHE collects its data primarily from parent and student surveys.

Carly Chaskin ’17 said this honorable award is something very special. “I feel great knowing that I go to such an honored and well respected school.”

According to the NICHE website, Staples’ exceptional academics, administration, policies, educational outcomes, extracurriculars, food, health, safety, resources, sports and teachers contributed to its  A+ rating.

Assistant principal, Patrick Micinilio, believes that the award is a great achievement for all the students and teachers.

“If we’re voted number one for something prestigious, it says we have great students here, top academics here, outstanding teachers, a faculty that cares and outstanding athletic program…it shows that we have a good thing going here,” Micinilio said.

Izzy Connors ’18 shared similar feelings regarding the recognition. “It makes me feel secure and I guess it makes me feel proud to be part of such a great school,” Connors said.