Students prepare for the ACT

Students prepare for the ACT

As the ACT fast approaches, juniors and seniors have been preparing and studying. The ACT is a standardized test that is given multiple times throughout the year, which students can take as many times as they please.

Danny Jersey ’17 took the ACT Sept. 12 and prepared two months in advance to the test. “I’m preparing for the ACT with a tutor and also doing practice tests, I feel like the ACT is really fast and it’s tough not to give questions as much time as they need sometimes,” Jersey said.

Casey Donahue ’17 is preparing for the ACT taking place on Dec. 12. “I am preparing for the ACT through a study/tutor program and only recently started,” Donahue said.

This school year, the ACT will be offered six times, two of which have already passed. Students may take the ACT as many times as they please. Sara Parower ’17 is also planning on taking the ACT on Dec. 12.

“Overall I am feeling pretty good about the ACT because you are able to take it as many times as you want so there is no pressure,” Parower said.

Josh Berman ’17 has already taken the ACT that was provided on Oct. 24. “I’m feeling pretty good about the ACT but there is always some nerves involved,” Berman said.

Juniors and seniors begin preparing for the test about two to three months in advance. “I have been preparing since September for the December ACT and that probably sounds like crazy but if you study once a week it’s not that much,” Parower said.

“I’m preparing for the ACT by doing a lot of practice tests and specific topic tests that I want to become better at,” Berman said.