Sussman and Root named heads of the class

On Friday, Feb. 27 Everett Sussman ’15 and Megan Root ’15 were crowned the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of their class, solidifying them as the top two students academically in their grade.

The news, while not a huge surprise to either, did signify something great for both of them.

“I was just really warm on the inside,” Sussman said. “It was a wonderful achievement and I felt honored and proud.”

Part of the reason behind Root’s success comes from the philosophy she has behind academics. “I’m a total geek, and I like school,” she laughed. “I picked classes not because I thought I was going to get a high grade. I picked classes for subjects I was interested in, and that is how you should really approach school and approach life because when you stick to your passions you will be happier.”

This fall Sussman will be attending Harvard University. Apart from his academics, he is an active member of Staples Players. Next year, Root will be going to Amherst College, also in Massachusetts. She’s made her mark at Staples as a news editor for Inklings and captain of the Staples FCIAC winning girl’s soccer team.

With all the classes Root’s taken, the most important thing she said she learned was something taught outside a textbook.

“You have the most fun when you are doing what you love with the people you love, so in life when you’re going after something, don’t do it on your own. Do it with other people, and don’t waste time working on things you don’t really value,” Root said.

Sussman had a resounding piece of advice for any student who strived to be in his position when he said, “Don’t strive to be Valedictorian or Salutatorian. Strive to be a nice, humble, happy person who is curious about the world and how it works. Let that curiosity drive everything you do, not the desire to be number one or two.”