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Adam Kaplan
Following in his brothers footsteps, Adam Kaplan ‘16, this year's Editor in Chief of Inklings is commonly known throughout the Inklings Community. He will surprise you with his unexpected but very present crazy personality. Like any other freshman Adam started with intro to Journalism which then lead him to be apart of Inklings Sophomore year. Adam not only is apart of Inklings but is apart of Staples Radio, which is a growing program in Staples. Although there are many similarities with Inklings and Radio, Adam talks about the differences, “Inklings rewards teamwork more, as an editor I was rewarded for working with my classmates and people around me. Radio is really just a partnership, it's you and the guy you're working with right by your side.” With all these clubs and activities at staples Adam loves the atmosphere of pressure staples brings. He believes that is what helps him perform to the best of his ability. Adam believes that “One moment in his life can not define what has made me the happiest, but it's the relationships I’ve made.”

Adam Kaplan, Editor in Chief

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Adam Kaplan