Two “wings” up for wings


Rachel Morrison

Archie Moore, a local restaurant located at 48 Sanford St. in Fairfield, is a popular supply for Super Bowl wings starting at $7.95.

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and what is a Super Bowl without some buffalo wings? The wings are almost as much a tradition as the game itself, with 1.23 billion wing portions consumed during last year’s Super Bowl, according to the Huffington Post. Lucky for Westport, there are some terrific wing spots, just in time for the big game.

Brandon Schock ’16 had his view on where to get wings: “It has got to be Archie Moore’s.”

In fact, Archie Moore’s was the favorite destination for wings among students interviewed.

While one of the managers at Archie Moore’s did not want to reveal their secret recipe, she did say, “We fry them, use a homemade buffalo sauce, but most importantly we make sure to use fresh chicken. Outside of that, I don’t think I can tell you.”

While the full recipe may never be publically known, according to various online sources, the three main ingredients  found in Archie Moore’s famous wings are butter, Frank’s original hot sauce, and tabasco sauce.

However, Archie’s is not the only restaurant that has Staples students hot for wings.  According to Nick Ribolla ’16, “Archie Moore’s is good and all, but for the Super Bowl, nothing touches the Black Duck’s wings.”

A third town favorite is Bobby Q’s, where their specialty is variety.   A chef at Bobby Q’s said, “We have four different sauces. One of them is a homemade mild sauce, and the other is so spicy. I can’t even eat them sometimes.”