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Jordan Goodness, Staff Writer

Jordan Goodness ’16 loves acting, plain and simple. She first attended theater camp before she even entered second grade, and every summer since, it’s been much of the same.

But this summer, there was one difference: Goodness wrote for Inklings’ Back to School issue, effectively joining the paper she has admired since she first read it in middle school.

Goodness has been a part of several productions, despite having just one full year at Staples under her belt, including “Little Shop of Horrors,” “West Side Story,” “Oklahoma,” “Museum,” “Willy Wonka,” and most recently, Staples Players’ summer production of “Bye Bye Birdie.”

“I’ve never really been good at sports,” Goodness admitted, “so (acting) is a cool way for me to be in front of people.”

In this aspect, journalism differs from theater. However, Goodness sees a connection between her two passions.

“I like making something for people to see,” she said. Joining Inklings has allowed her to do so to another extent.

What Goodness may lack in size, she makes up for in aspiration; her goal for the future is to make it all the way to Broadway. But until then, she’s happy being a part of Staples Players and of Inklings.


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