Collaborative Team votes for no homework this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving break may be homework free, if the Collaborative Team at Staples and the Resilience Project succeed in their efforts.

Collaborative Team is the behind-the-scenes group helping to run Staples and is made up of department heads, three Student Assembly leaders, a representative from each department, administration, and Principal John Dodig.

The teams’ latest decision, according to the meeting notes, was to support “Staples staff in not giving homework over the Thanksgiving week.” The hope is that eliminating homework will allow both teachers and students to fully enjoy their break.

Guidance counselor Deborah Slocum suggested the idea of a homework-free Thanksgiving break. She, along with guidance counselors Victoria Capozzi and Leslie Hammer, works with the Resilience Program to find ways to assist the Staples community, particularly by helping students alleviate stress and manage their busy schedules.

“All the staff members talked about it, and everyone is worried about and cognizant of the fact that students are stressed and very busy,” Collaborative Team member and math department chair John Wetzel said. “So it was approved yesterday that, similar to other holidays and observances, at Staples, we would try this year to approve that recommendation.”

The decision is not yet final, but it looks promising that this year, Thanksgiving week will be filled with much more turkey and stuffing and fewer helpings of test prep and studying.