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Most kids might shy away from new experiences and dread trying something they’ve never done before, but not Jessica Gross ’15. “I’m totally open to new things,” said Gross, “Actually, I love trying new things.”

And it makes perfect sense. The A&E Page Editor has lived in Hong Kong, been to Paris to see a rock concert, and even attended a Berklee College summer program for the performing arts.

While she indulges her passion for performing arts through her involvement in Staples Players and her love for journalism in Inklings, Gross’ guilty pleasure is baking. Whether it’s for friends, family, teammates or co-workers, she is always able to put her own spin on any traditional treat.

And it’s not just her friends who take note of her knack for baking; even her boss at the restaurant she works at has remarked on her talent, adding a dessert special to his menu featuring Gross’ homemade cookies and brownies. She has even ventured as far as making mini key lime pies, a favorite on the menu.

When someone has so many different passions, it’s hard to pick their proudest moment. However, Gross’ came to mind easily: “My band and I opened up for Paul Simon at a concert,” she said, “it was incredible.”

Gross is actually the lead singer for that band, created at the School of Rock in Fairfield. Few musicians were invited to join the band at School of Rock, only those with rare talent made the cut.

Whether it is finding an interesting topic to cover for Inklings, practicing with her band to get the best sound, or even baking a delicious snack, Gross does it all with flair.

So as she embarks on her senior year, take note of her name, because who knows, Jessica Gross might be headlining a tour, opening up a bakery, or even writing for The New York Times in the near future.

Jessica Gross, A&E Editor

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