Blue energy and white spirit dominated homecoming game


Staples students got their blue and white spirit games on for a sunny Saturday Sept. 27 afternoon to support the Wreckers at the homecoming football game.

Superfan Ryan Angerthal ’16 looks forward to watching the homecoming game all year; the energy and spirit lived up to his high expectations.

“The spirit was very intense because almost everyone was wearing white, and in the beginning, there was barely any room to even stand because every inch was packed with students,” Angerthal said. “The best part was cheering with my friends for our winning football team.”

Kaela O’Kelly ’15 thought the highlight of the day was the hype at the motorcade. “Everyone was running around, blasting music, taking pictures, and I was running around with a GoPro,” she said. “It was so much fun until the cops told us we couldn’t ride in a truck so we had to wait for two cars to come get us.”

Even still, O’Kelly’s homecoming experience was anything but ruined. “The weather was beautiful,” she said. “I don’t think we could have asked for a nicer day.”

While the stands were “super spirited in the beginning, more than in years past,” according to Minahil Salam ’16, the spirit gradually dissipated with each coming quarter. “By fourth quarter basically 75% of the people left, which was disappointing,” Salam said.

Sophie Epstein ’17 also noticed the fall of spirit. “At the beginning, everyone was chanting and cheering all at once, but towards the end, the whole mood changed because lots of the crowd left.”

The reason students left, Angerthal believes, is because “the stands got really pumped for all the touchdowns, but after Staples was blowing out the other team at half, some people decided to leave.”

“The energy in the beginning of the game was definitely the strongest,” he said.