Department chairs share reactions to low student attendance

On Monday April 14 at 11am, department chairs reflected on how the lack of student attendance had affected the day so far.

“[Even though the] class size is smaller, students are still active and it doesn’t compromise the value of the class,” said P.E. Department Chair Dave Gusitsch. “The day has gone as expected,” he summed up.

Similarly, another Department Chair shared that there had been no real struggles so far.

“[We] planned a couple weeks in advance for this [and] it’s turned out pretty well,” said Music Department chair David Winer. He added that only two teachers from his department were out today. Winer reflected that today provides “opportunity for review and practice, not introducing new material.”

While most department chairs were stress free about the day, some were on the other end of the spectrum.

There was “a little scrambling this morning when a sub called in sick,” admitted Science Department Chair A.J. Scheetz. “We are doing our best to use the optimal usage of this time- every minute counts,” he added.

Despite the department chairs’ mixed feelings about the day, they all agreed on one thing; the lack of student attendance definitely impacted the day.

“It’s quiet,” said Math Department Chair Frank Corbo with a lighthearted laugh.