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Alexa Di Luca
Although an only child, Alexa Di Luca ’15 has a love for kids. When not writing an article for Inklings, Di Luca can be found with a tennis racket in one hand and children in the other.

During Fall, Spring and Summer, Di Luca spends her extra time teaching kids how to play tennis. Even though she is not on the Staples Wreckers tennis team, she shows her dedication to the sport by working for the Fairfield County Tennis Program.

Di Luca aspires to be an Elementary School teacher. She describes children’s energy as a “blissful happiness,” which is why she loves working with them.

Inspired by her Horticulture class, Di Luca decided to go vegan last summer. Previously being a vegetarian for four years, she was ready to take the challenge. Di Luca is still trying to keep up with her vegan menu.

Currently, Di Luca is an active member of both Kool to Be Kind and the Key Club. She feels it is an important way to stay connected with the Staples community, as well as educating others

Aside from tennis and schoolwork, she also has multiple babysitting jobs. Di Luca feels it’s an exciting way to make money because, as she always says, “Kids are just so fun to be around."

“Love life, and life will love you back,” is the motto Di Luca lives by. Not only is it an easy quote to remember, but it also pushes her to have a positive outlook on life.


Alexa Di Luca, Staff Writer

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