Students and staff celebrate Mother’s Day


Alexa Di Luca, Staff Writer

Members of the Staples community shared what they did for Mother’s Day. Those that were lucky enough to spend the day with their families did the classic ‘breakfast in bed’ or went out to dinner.

“[On Mother’s Day morning,] I was sent back to bed while my two girls put together brunch and brought it to me. We all ate in bed, in our pajamas and then watched an episode of ‘Kickin’ It,’” said social studies teacher Cathy Schager.

Breakfast in bed was definitely a common theme.

“Every Mother’s Day it’s a tradition to make breakfast in bed. My mom [also] gets to do whatever she wants for the day… So this mother’s day, my family and I went out to Sunset Grille in Norwalk where we had a nice and quiet dinner,” said Ben Rogers ’15.

Math teacher Robin Hurlbut went to the beach with her husband and two little girls for swim lessons. Hurlbut said that watching her girls on Mother’s Day reminded her of how much “unconditional love” her girls give her and all of “the little moments that [they] share together.”

While many students and staff members were able to spend some quality time with their families on Mother’s Day, others were unfortunately unable to.

“Both of my kids called me on the phone from college and sent presents,” said child development teacher Linda McClary.

Even though McClary didn’t get to spend Mother’s Day with her kids, she still managed to have a magical day.

“I was up in the Adirondack [mountains] kayaking with my husband. Loons were swimming around my kayak,” McClary said gleefully.

Whether staff and students were able to be with their families or not on Mother’s Day, the holiday was still a success.

“Its all about quality time [and] doing things together. Spending $6 on a card is ridiculous. Homemade kindness cards, playing games, cooking and being together is all I really want,” admitted Schager.

Whatever staff and students did to celebrate, it made a positive impact for all the mothers out there.

“Celebrating Mother’s Day just shows a little bit of appreciation towards someone who does a lot for you,” summed up Rogers.