‘Tis the season to give good gifts


The holidays are getting closer and it’s time to start trekking into the most feared place during Dec.: the mall. Standing in an isle, debating whether your dad would prefer the red shirt or the blue shirt, or maybe even a snowblower may seem like the biggest struggle. But don’t worry, there actually is an effortless process in making it appear that you have better gift giving skills than Santa Claus.

1. Make a list and check it twice

Whether you have a good memory or not, it’s vital to make a list of all the people to shop for this year. You don’t want to risk forgetting someone! If you have any specific ideas of what to get them, write it down next to their name. For the people that you have no clue what to get, think about what they might need. Did your brother mention that he needs new slippers? Maybe your mom was eyeing the blender on Iron Chef. If this doesn’t help, think about their hobbies. For example, if your friend is really into music, you could get them a new pair of headphones.


2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it

After you’ve made your list, throw on your thickest scarf and bundle up: it’s game time. When you walk into a store, remember to stay focused on your mission. It can be easy to get side tracked, but sticking to your list will ensure that you don’t overbuy.


3. Back up plan

Hopefully by now, you’ve crossed off most of your list. If you still have any stragglers in need of presents, pay attention! Things like iTunes gift cards, candles, or a hot chocolate mixes are great, versatile gifts for anyone and they are super easy to find in most stores.


4. When in doubt, bake it out

If you absolutely have no gift ideas or want to avoid shopping, this is your ultimate back up plan. Everyone loves food and homemade baked goods are even better! People will really appreciate something as simple as homemade cookies because it will show that you put time into their gift. You can also personalize this by putting them in a cute container with a ribbon and note. With this method you can’t go wrong!